Synopsis 2021

Copyright September 27, 2020*Mary Elizabeth Hoffman*All Rights Reserved


    For the calendar year 2021 the energies for all of planet earth shall be going through a process of activation and integration of the earth grid along the energy Ley lines of the etheric gemstone temples which have been being anchored in during the past 33 years.  Their full activation since their anchoring - one per year - began at the first inter new moon period of 1987 is becoming amplified, linking up between various gemstone temples throughout the world.  No longer are there separate ‘sacred sites’ scattered about the globe.  This is the time when all the earth becomes sacred and everything and every living being upon it shall be called upon to align with these incoming energies of harmony, truth and authenticity from deep within the Cosmos.  

    “The Native American Rainbow Prophecy for 1988 states: ‘We will sit in a new circle of Law. Civil and Social Law will tumble.  All civil and social laws by whatever government will have to be in conformity with the Natural Law or the people will not accept them and they will have the enlightenment necessary to reject the laws.  Science will once again become metaphysics, metaphysics will once again become magic. They will discover four laws that will help them jump from natural to magical law and transcend the time space continuum which is the limitation of the age and once again we will begin to take our power and to work with rules and laws that are magical laws and cosmic laws.’” 

    That time is here, now, upon the earth and all beings upon it.  The earth’s crystalline grid as it increases in amplitude beginning 2021 continues its harmonization process eventually coming online fully connected to the Cosmic grid by 2044 in earth measured time. Those opting to continue residing in this current time space continuum aligned with planet earth and its ‘rebirthing’ into its next age of beingness shall each be offered a variety of alternative life styles from which to express, learn and grow through one’s own internal and external harmonization.  Through alignment with one’s own Inner Truth Center, guidance may be discovered facilitating ease of shift and movement as the Songs of the Earth and Cosmos once again come into alignment.  Each shall discover their own Soul Heart’s Journey or Path singing their own song and rhythm aligned with the earth in the locale in which they reside, which enhances the flow of energies within the physical body and nervous system without dis-ease or burnout.  

    Attunement to where one resides upon the earth as well as alignment with that locale in nature shall assist in discovering this harmony.  First the attunement is to within, authenticity with self - physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally.  Then attunement with locale, vicinity, terrain.  Only when there is attunement within may it be discovered without.  Relocation may be sensed as necessary once individual attunement is attained.  

    There is no escaping the truth of the soul self within.  Areas lacking authenticity and honesty with self are quickly discerned through inter-action in nature and the world.  Where there is fear, disharmony, insecurity or mistrust within the self of the soul heart’s inner truth center, this shall be what is seen, perceived and experienced in a mirroring.  Awareness of intention or agenda, expectation or outcome  (conscious or unconscious) facilitates recognition of what thoughts, words, emotions and ideas are being energized, empowered and fed. Awareness of the signs, signals and messages within nature inside and outside the dwelling space brings clues, guidance and direction to be taken for the wisest expansion and growth.  

    The energies for 2021 are about discovering connections, wisdoms, truths and inter-active relationships between self and other Kingdoms of the Earth and Cosmos.  Some members of the Human Kingdom may align with all seven Kingdoms of the Cosmos.  Others may opt to work specifically in fine detail and harmonization with one or two, honing their skills, studies and teachings from these various realms developing and deepening their relationship on a personal basis.  Though one may seek guidance from those with previous personal experience in inter-acting and relating to these seven kingdoms - individually and collectively- ultimately each member of the Human Kingdom shall find it necessary to develop their own experiential connection, guidance and inner truth as each relationship is unique.  And each member of the Human Kingdom has their own gifts, talents and expertise for partnering with these other Kingdoms.  

    These seven kingdoms are Human, Devic, Imaginal, Elemental, Angelic, Integral and Creator - spanning the Cosmos and all of creation.  No one kingdom is better, higher or lower than another.  Each is unique in its own right, with its own language or way of communication, beings, tools, talents and wisdoms associated with it and overlaps with the others in camaraderie, connection, communication, collaboration and cooperation.  Connecting to one’s own Inner Truth Center facilitates introduction and development of a deeper connection and intimate relationship, comprehension and wisdom afforded from each one.  

    Deep connection with one’s Soul Heart throughout 2021 facilitates the flow of wisdom, truth and timing directly from Source as the Halls of Records individually, planetarily, galactically and cosmically remain open and accessible through empathic, feeling nature bringing in All possibilities, options and ways of being aware of the many facets and expressions of the Jewel of Truth, while at its center it is completely clear.  Much of the focus on seeing and perceiving with an inner ‘knowing’ is about letting go of previous ‘be’lie’fs’ from other time lines, life times, spaces and dimensions so a more open, receptive, trust of one’s Soul Heart and of the Universe may be developed releasing the ego from the lack, victim, fear mentality of separation.  This begins the initiation for the Human Kingdom for the next few decades into living within the Universe in Balanced Reciprocity.

    The greatest challenges during 2021 lay with the Mercury retrogrades, three in number, all in air signs.  Since there is no specific gemstone temple energy with which to align, as all are anchored in and each shall be rising in power as the 12 gates of the New Jerusalem found in various parts of the planet, each member of the Human Kingdom will find it wise to align with the gemstone temple coming online in their locale as a way to more easily harmonize with the amplification of the incoming energies.  The double penta-dodecahedron grid made up of 486 crossing points surrounding the globe, comprises two geometric models representing the balancing of the divine masculine and divine feminine energies within each member of the Human Kingdom regardless of physical anatomy or gender identification.  The attainment and maintenance of these energies in connection, cooperation, clear communication and harmony with each other within facilitates this identical harmony being reflected in the world around one. 

    2021 is about expanding in a harmoniously vibrational pattern oscillating with the energies of Balanced Reciprocity - giving and receiving - in harmony with one’s surroundings, locale, people, plants, animals and land mass at all times.  It requires being PRESENT IN ONE’S PRESENCE, fully awake, aware and attuned to the Soul Heart Truth Center so that ANY incongruencey is noticed and responded to with compassion, caring and truth for all involved, in the moment.  This requires wisdom and acknowledgement of one’s own triggers and fears so they may be owned in such a way that they become a strength and asset for comprehension of present circumstances avoiding projection, withholding, threats, secrecy, resentment, regrets or grudges.  This facilitates the ability to bring about true change by opening paths of communication, caring, compassion and comprehension of every situation fully.  January, February and March of 2021 empower this discovery of new directions brought about through the letting of go of age old staunch be’lie’fs which may no longer be fully valid or true in the here and now.  Portals are open to invite and invoke loving beings to facilitate any and all discussion and negotiations thereby assisting in bringing about True change in a new direction. With Mercury retrograde in Aquarius during this powerful ‘negotiation’ harmonizing time, all use of sound, toning, chanting, prayer and meditation brings about the releasing of fear and opening to love and trust.

    The Soul Heart, intuition, sensing, feelings are the barometer for all of 2021 as its ability to ‘know’ when the words, actions, thoughts, agendas or intentions of anyone or any group (or the leader of any group) is out of alignment or incongruent with the languaging or expression.  Hidden agendas which are no longer in the wisest and best interest for the earth and all living beings (in other words are out of harmony with cosmic, universal destiny laws and truths) shall be felt more than heard.  

    Much posturing, story telling, scattered information and words shall continue to attempt to create division, descention, separation, confusion and perpetuation an ‘us/against them’ mentality in an attempt to prevent the evolution of the Human Kingdom as it moves into the Age of Aquarius, the Age of Harmony with Truth, for all.  Those still aligned with the dying Age of Pisces - represented symbolically by two fish swimming in opposite directions - shall attempt to utilize mental/psychic confusion through misconstruing, bending or twisting the meaning of ideas, concepts and words making things up as they go, especially during the three Mercury retrogrades, all in Air signs.   February 2021 Mercury goes retrograde in Aquarius, meaning harmonies may be misrepresented, misperceived or perverted and twisted in some way.  In June 2021 Mercury is retrograde in Gemini when chaos and confusion may be perpetuated through spoken or written communication and expression-wise first professing one thing and then another.  In October 2021 in Libra, Mercury retrograde will challenge even the most stable mind and visionary to maintain balance and harmony as some will spout prophecies of Truth and some will espouse prophecies of fear, destruction and decimation.  This is an attempt to encourage people to take sides for or against.  Truth may be revealed in all these instances in extremely explosive ways, through the use of invisible energetic waves. (H.A.R.P, cell phones, long range warning systems and alerts)  Alignment with the earth, in places previously considered sacred spaces like parks, hiking trails, woods, waterfalls, streams, rivers, lakes, oceans, mountains, art museums (outdoors especially) and places of creative flowing endeavors shall assist in keeping one’s mental, emotional, vibrational and nervous system balanced and grounded helping to attain and maintain equilibrium. And good health mentally, physically, psychically and emotionally. 

    The close of 2021 and through January 2022 comes in with Venus Retrograde in Capricorn, signaling a time of truly assessing what about being alive and on planet earth now is truly of value and what is pretense, fake, false or diversion.  This is what some members of the Human Kingdom refer to as a ‘come to Jesus moment’.  We Cat Beings refer to it as the facing of the Truth of the black panther goddess Sekhmet and the weighing of the heart against the Feather of Truth with Ma’at.  Both are experienced as great revelatory situations where there is no place to run and no place to hide from the Truth of what is deep within the Soul Heart.

    The monthly Cat Beings Oracles shall have more specific dates, suggestions for aligning in a smooth easy manner, as well as details of the Cat Beings with whom one may opt to align to facilitate this ‘fine tuning’ of body, mind, spirit and emotions taking place for every member of the Human Kingdom beginning in 2021.   All is free will choice. Smooth and easy or difficult and challenging.  May the wisdom of the Universe from the Halls of Records personally and plantetarily flow through in as smooth and easy a manner as possible for all. It is good.  It is done. So mote it be.  And so it is.

    Further details and queries in regards to the earth’s crystalline grid, the etheric gemstone temples or any of the Kingdoms of the Cosmos may be done with Mary through the website via e-mail or by appointment via phone or text.    


In light, love, wisdom, truth and timing,


The Cat Beings through Mary Elizabeth Hoffman