Synopsis 2022

Copyright August 19, 2021*Mary Elizabeth Hoffman*All Rights Reserved


    2022 opens with Jupiter moving into Pisces, signaling a decisive time for the Human Kingdom, as to whether there is a continued clinging to the old values, ideas, ideals and beliefs which are no longer aligned with Balanced Reciprocity, the earth and the Cosmos or a true expansive releasing of these fear, lack, destructive, non-life affirming patterns.  This free will choice, individually taken, shall determine the portal path each member of the Human Kingdom shall traverse in the coming year.  

    Much passion fire energy shall be espoused, in some cases extremely loudly and boisterously, by those whose egos envision themselves as avatars here on earth at this time to give voice to their version of truth formulated in other times, spaces and dimensions which are outmoded, no longer applicable and is vibrationally incongruent with forward motion, evolution and envisioning a future of abundance, peace, harmony, expansion, growth and love for all on earth. 

    2022 is all about finding harmony with one’s locale, discovering ways to align with, harmonize and develop deeper connection, relationship, intimacy, communication and Balanced Reciprocity with the sacredness of where one finds one’s self.  Creating a self grounded anchor point for acting as a conduit for the earth for the huge influx of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies entering earth’s atmosphere acting as a beacon, space holder, balancer and harmonizer affords access to the local, planetary and cosmic Halls of Records bringing indepth guidance, direction, wisdom, truth, timing, tools, techniques and gifts of passion and creativity in preparation for the monumental shift from the old paradigm of fear, lack, greed and separation - either/or, black/white, right/wrong, good/bad - into the responsive, responsible triadic multi-optioned co-creatorship and partnership with all Kingdoms of the Cosmos in unconditional love, light and life affirming expressions and ways of being.  

    Since 2022 begins with Venus Retrograde and ends with Mercury retrograde - both in Capricorn - and Mercury Retrogrades four times going from Air to earth signs each time, the mental/psychic energy body of each being on earth shall be challenged to retain its balance, stressing the nervous system, beliefs and awareness of everyone and their ability to express authentically - without malice, projection, blame, guilt or shame - their feelings and emotions honestly with no hidden agendas, expectations of response or desire to coerce, manipulate or control with self and others.  

    The ‘power of the word’ whether spoken, toned, sung, written, danced or expressed through other artistic mediums of paint, architecture, sculpting, design, etc shall carry with it great energy for harmonization or erratic disruption of all life creating endeavors.  Through emotion, thought, word and deed each individual member of the Human Kingdom is choosing who and what it values as expressed through what is focused on, spoken, written or empowered through their thoughts, words, emotions, fantasies, dreams and desires.  Awareness as to what one is feeding energetically in every action, thought and expression facilitates one in co-creating and manifesting the full expression of one’s gifts, talents, life and love of being on the earth plane.  This attracts and draws to one the people, beings, spirits, energies and entities that are here to support and co-create in partnership as part of one’s ‘team’. 

    The month of April 2022 is a major turning point and shift for the Human Kingdom - either aligning with the earth and all the Kingdoms of the Cosmos as a co-creative partner or the exit and departure of those who opt to continue the fear and separation from the abundance the Universe is offering.  The figure 8 flow of Balanced Reciprocity within all things, all inter-actions, all relationships and all beings is of Cosmic design, owned, controlled nor belonging to any one. In April 2022 when the Taurus Point of Avatar is conjunct Uranus portals, inter-dimensional doorways, pathways and departure points large and small shall be activated.  The choice of entering and moving through these shall bring change - some sudden and disruptive, some miraculous.  All is free will.  When explored with love and deep connection to one’s own Soul Heart, Destiny and Inner Truth Center with unconditional love a plethora of miracles may take place.  When approached with fear, distrust, trepidation or cocky know-it-all ego attitudes, outcomes shall be unpredictable at best.

    A jolting of the old paradigms is activated in April 2022 as Jupiter conjuncts Neptune in Pisces with major planets - Pluto, Neptune, Saturn, Sun, Mercury and the Moon’s Nodes all aligning in various aspects in six of the 12 astrological signs - Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Taurus and Scorpio.  The dissolution of all old etheric structures is complete, including the old earth grid so the new earth and new humanity grid may come online fully, harmonizingly creating a complete Sacred New Earth with global rather than individual cultural initiation sites worldwide.  Dogma in all its forms and expressions goes into dissolution or transformation.

    All Hallows Eve and Day aligns with the Cosmic Equinox energies with three of the Four Points of Avatar - Scorpio, Aquarius and Taurus - being activated at the Full Moon November 2022 bringing transformation, revelation and the opening of Halls of Records personally, globally and Cosmically.  Those whose hearts, minds and emotions are grounded as conduits is their ‘home space’ they have been called to, shall glean visions of future potentials as the preparation for the full opening of the Halls of Records in Egypt at the Sphinx in 2026 and 2027, as well as the sister Halls of Records referred to by many past prophets. Those aligned with their Soul Heart’s destiny shall receive further details of the coming shifts and changes for them and the space place they are anchoring on earth now.

    More in depth details of the coming shifts for each month of 2022 can be found in the monthly publications of the Sedona Journal of Emergence.



The Cat Beings through Mary Elizabeth Hoffman