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Synopsis 2023

Copyright September 9, 2022*Mary Elizabeth Hoffman*All Rights Reserved


    There are several overall themes for 2023 one of which is signaled by Venus, Mercury and Pluto aligned in conjunction at the opening of the year New Year’s Day.  The solar energies shall enhance and empower this configuration on January 16, 17 and 18 bringing to a head the internal and some times external projection of unconditional love versus power and control.  A huge portal influx of Love intonations shall be sounding during this time reverberating throughout the coming year.  Those open to these energies shall experience renewal with soul soothing etheric energies flowing through every cell.  

    2023 begins and ends with Mercury retrograde in Capricorn signaling that the full 365 days are all about discovering what is truly valuable, viable and life affirming being on planet earth.  Each member of the Human Kingdom shall be given a plethora of opportunities, experiences, situations and circumstances drawn by the Soul Heart’s destiny to discover what and who is of greatest value soul growth wise.  Those focusing on appreciation and gratitude for all in their sphere shall reap the benefits of Balanced Recirpocity as their alignment with the Cosmic Flow of the Universe draws to them greater opportunities to experience life, light and love in unattached ways.  Those determined to force or control the Cosmic Flow to their own ego ends shall discover many challenges, frustrations and roadblocks in navigating life and the world.  Clear, intimate, in-depth communication of the Soul Heart’s passion for all life and all beings is the theme for 2023.  

    With Mercury going retrograde 4 instead of the usual 3 times in 2023 - all in earth/air signs - much shall be experienced in 3D on physical and mental/psychic levels as Mercury gives opportunities to review previous choices, decisions, commitments and contracts facilitating their renegotiation in ways which are more in the wisest and best interest for all involved and affected, including earth and all its inhabitants in every Kingdom.  Alliances and greater intimate connections are possible between the Human Kingdom and other Kingdoms through which all shall benefit greatly and quickly restoring Balanced Reciprocity almost immediately when entered into in full authentic partnership.   The four retrogrades of Mercury are in December/January at the beginning and ending of 2023, April/May and August/September and are overlapped with Venus retrograde in Leo criss crossing the Leo Point of Avatar shining the Truth on all in August/September promising a powerful Truth or Consequences time frame where the Ti’a’Ma’at energies shall shine the Light of Truth upon all which as yet requires restructuring, reordering and reorganizing to bring earth and its inhabitants into alignment with Cosmic Balanced Reciprocity - individually and collectively. 

    With four eclipses in 2023 - the New Moon in April, the Full Moon in May and the Full and New Moons in October as well as 2 Full Moons in August the harmonizing energies of dream time shall bring forth a dramatic array of visions, possibilities and options from best to worst case scenario for each member of the Human Kingdom to choose from to energize, feed, nurture, empower and support.  The Full Moon in Aquarius on Lammas August 1 signals a time of ’appearances’ and ‘apparitions’ with specific messages, warnings and guidance from the Mother of All Creation, Tiamat.  Her presence abounds until the Full Moon in Virgo August 30 when She sets in motion the next phase of restructuring, reordering and reorganizing required to bring earth and its inhabitants into Balanced Reciprocity with the Cosmic Flow on a Universal scale.

    Much chaos and confusion is possible during 2023 due to Saturns entrance into Pisces March 8 and its retrograde June 17 to November 4 returning to station February 7, 2024.  The tendency to jump back and forth between past memories and future hopes, dreams and desires losing grounding in the present moment to actually face and overcome attachments and fears is a high probability with Saturn in Pisces, as this is Soul Heart destiny energy which must be seen fully, clearly and without judgment so is may be assimilated, learned from and moved past. This is apt to show up in political economic ways on a global scale as attempts to ‘control’ and manipulate the Cosmic Flow by individuals, companies, corporations, governments and countries seeks to hold onto their past power base and structure.  

    With Jupiter in Aries from January 1 to May 16, 2023 there shall be a constant raining down from Cosmic sources tremendous amounts of expansive new ways to live, be, heal, grow, learn, house and feed the populations of the world.  The realization that there is no lack, there is more than enough and wisdom in the sharing for prosperity for all is not only possible, it is doable quickly with intimate relationships developed with all Kingdoms of the Earth - Devic, Imaginal, Elemental Angelic, Integral, Creator/Primordial and Human.  Together ALL is possible in a smooth easy manner aligned with the Cosmic Flow of Balanced Reciprocity.  Eden on all of earth is not only possible, it is viable, doable and expansive through sharing, caring, cooperation, clear communication and unconditional love.

    May 16, 2023 to May 25, 2024 Jupiter enters and remains in Taurus signaling a time of constantly expanding portals of opportunity to invite in that which is in the wisest and best interest for the Cosmic Flow of Balanced Reciprocity and the dismissal of that which hinders that Divine Flow.  This is also a great portal through which those seeking respite and departure from the physical 3D earth body and plane may opt to depart expanding past the limiting boundaries here on earth.

    2023 holds within it a great many possibilities, promises and expansion for those open and willing to align themselves with the Cosmic Flow of Balanced Reciprocity.  Those determined to remain in fear, greed and control energies shall discover it becomes a challenging prospect.



The Cat Beings through Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

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