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Mary Elizabeth Hoffman - Cat Beings Oracle

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Having been raised a Southern Baptist, Mary Elizabeth's greatest influence was her grandfather on her father's side who was an active participant in the Pentecostal Holiness movement. Through him she was exposed to the supernatural, prophecy, laying on of hands for healing and speaking in tongues. Because of this she has researched and studied many varied belief systems, philosophies, mythologies and psychologies the world over in search of Truth. She has been active since 1962 as both student and teacher of many ancient spiritual paths. These have included Egyptian, Celtic, Native American, Hawaiian Kahuna, Druidism and Wicca traditions as well as other indigenous cultures around the world. Through her grandmother on her father's side Mary learned to openly communicate with plants, animals, rocks, trees and weather elementals giving her connections to both heaven and earth.

Hoffman has been sharing her expertise with individuals and groups by giving workshops around the U.S. and the world since 1986. She has been doing wholistic consulting with clients since 1975. Mary has studied numerous alternative healing techniques with psychologists and therapists who are on the leading edge in their fields. These include Advanced Sound Healing Intensives with Tom Kenyon (psychologist and president of Acoustic Brain Research) learning ways to facilitate spiritual growth, a greater sense of peace and increase brain wave activity during various states of consciousness. Integrated Awareness with Connie Newton (a technique for balancing the right and left hemispheres of the brain) facilitating whole brain functioning has allowed Mary to develop numerous techniques to assist her clients with their growth, Vivation-Rebirthing with Jim Leonard, Leonard Orr and Tom Kenyon (an ancient Tibetan breath technique for processing emotions) has given her insights into facilitating movement through feelings that might otherwise immobilize us.

Hoffman is an ordained non-denominational Alliance of Divine Love minister in good standing, through the state of Florida. She has studied Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, Tibetan, Jewish, East Indian and many other traditions giving her a greater understanding of the global religious and spiritual perspective. The belief in one true God is at the core of her work. Her personal intensives, audio recorded teachings as well as her phone consultations act as inspiration, guidance and empowerment for her many clients the world over.

Her varied applications of inspirational, spiritual and personal growth techniques, her personal experiences and stories from the many different ancient sites around the world and her outgoing personality makes her a sought after speaker and teacher. Subjects covered during her sharing and workshops include Astrology, Astronomy, Personal Empowerment and Personal Growth, Psychology, Mythology, Symbology, Empowering Sacredness, Balanced Reciprocity, Earth Energies, Dowsing, Ancient Sacred Sites and Earth Changes, Lost Civilizations and Cultures as well as alternative forms of Sacred Sexuality, Healing and Spirituality. She enjoys sharing her information and expertise.

Mary is also the self-published author through Alma*Stara Publishing of the yearly publication Cat Beings Oracle (now published monthly in the Sedona Journal of Emergence), Tefnut's Techniques-Empowering Sacredness: Wisdom For Everyday Living, Sekhmet's Secrets-Changing Cords of Fear Into Chords of Love: Keys to Harmony With Self & Others, Seshat's Teachings - Introduction to Karmic Galactic Astrology and Awakening the Cat: Gateway to Ancient Egyptian Wisdom & Initiation.

Mary is currently writing and researching her book Balanced Reciprocity on which her Balanced Reciprocity Intensives are based facilitating the Human Kingdom in discovering more balanced harmonious ways to inter-relate with each other and the other Kingdoms of the earth - Devic, Imaginal, Elemental, Angelic, Integral, Creator as well as Human. Honoring the sacredness in all life and all living beings throughout the Cosmos is at the core of her work.

She is Founder and High Priestess of new archetypes of Divine Masculine & Feminine at the Hat'hor Spirit Temple and Alma*Stara Spirit School, Point Roberts, WA, from where she offers personal consultations, private lessons, mentorships, classes and workshops in co- creative manifestation working with all the Kingdoms of the Earth - Devic, Imaginal, Elemental, Angelic, Human, Integral & Creator. She facilitates deeper connection with the sacred area upon the Earth in which you currently reside empowering you to grow your relationship with the Earth in ways that nurture, feed and support you, the Earth and all living beings throughout the Cosmos. Mary continues to facilitate journeys to a variety of sacred sites around the world offering the opportunity to participate in these life altering trips.

As high priestess and founder of Hat'hor Spirit Temple Mary shares insights and techniques for accessing the new archetypal energies of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine now entering the earth from the cosmic planes.

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