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Date To Be Announced

12 pm (Noon) to 5 pm

Hathor Hut 

1721 Benson Rd #203 

Point Roberts, WA

RSVP  (360)201-2501

Fee: $ 45 USD

During this gathering, the Cat Beings and I shall share introductory information about the Great Work the Human Kingdom agreed to participate in during their visits to the Earth Plane throughout multitudes of life times. Discovering the Human Kingdom’s variety of relationships with the Devic, Imaginal, Elemental, Angelic, Integral and Creator Kingdoms brings with it a plethora of tools, techniques and creative paths that may be expressed in a multitude of ways, opening passionate joyful beingness as a way of life. An understanding of the process of co-creation through these seven realms highlights the individual language of each realm, the energy spaces they maintain and ways to work with them cooperatively to enhance the passion, juiciness and joy of honoring the sacredness (specialness) attaining a deeper understanding that we are Spiritual Beings having a Human experience. For those ready and willing to make a commitment, there is a more detailed experiential 8 week course available.



Mary has been active all her life as both student and teacher of many of the ancient spiritual practices on earth including Hawaiian Kahuna, Druid, Wicca, Egyptian, Norse & Celtic Mysteries and shamanic indigenous traditions throughout the world. Mary has maintained her private personal growth & astrological practice since 1975 empowering others to discover and express their Authentic Self. Mary is a teacher, Integrated Awareness Graduate, Certified Rebirther, Advanced Sound Healing Graduate, Professional Psychic, Alliance of Divine Love, Inc minister & teacher, Counselor & Oracle as well as author of a variety of books and Oracles published by her own company Alma*Stara Publishing. She is founder and owner of Alma*Stara Spirit School whose purpose is sharing the wisdom co-creatively with all members of all Kingdoms of the Cosmos.

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