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These intensives are designed to provide the individual a safe space in which to move through their own personal issues - blocks, fears or limitations - with ease and become more aligned with their Soul Heart's Destiny.  This is a one on one intensive tailored to each individual and where they are currently on their path. If this appeals to you, I and the Cat Beings would be honored to facilitate for you.  These intensives are designed individually for the specific person in order to make use of whatever tools, techniques or information they require for the next level of their work and may include an in-depth reading astrologically with timing, cosmic connections and inter-dimensional aspects focused on, as well as cosmic destiny in the chart.


The 1 day would mean coming to Point Roberts, WA for the day beginning about 11 am and working through specific issues utilizing various techniques depending upon what is necessary, until 3 pm.  These might include sound, chanting, drumming, rebirthing Tibetan breath technique, guided imageries or a variety of processes for activating and clearing blocks, limitations and fears.


The 3 day includes the above in more depth and means staying on Point Roberts for 2 nights in the Hat'hor Spirit Temple. In addition, there would be processes done at the beach and/or Lily Point, (both were sacred sites to the local indigenous peoples) as well as facilitation and activation of guides, guardians and teachers. The over nights could extend into the evening with Cosmic sessions, activating these energies and entities for more in depth connection with your star god/star goddess origin indoors or out depending upon the weather and season of the year.


The 5 day includes the above in more depth with options for invocation, initiation and deeper connection with the incoming new Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine Archetypes now entering the earth plane.  


1 day $400 a day (4 hours of intensive work, no over night)

3 days is $1,200.00 (12 hours of intensive work, includes fee for staying in the Hat'hor Spirit                                                                 Temple over night and private bath, meals not included)

5 days $2,000.00 (20 hours of intensive work, includes fee for staying in the Hat'hor Spirit                                                                   Temple over night and private bath, meals not included)


Contact Mary by e-mail to inquire or schedule a session.  


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