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Photography by 

Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

May not be used without 

her express written consent.



O Thou, the Breath, the Light of All, let the light create a Heart-Shine within me

And your Council prevail 'til Oneness guides all.. Your One Desire then acts with ours,

As we co-create together the Web of the Universe.


Grant what we need in nourishment and insight in the minutes, hours, days and weeks to come.

Release the cords of mistakes and expectation binding us

As we let go the strand we hold of other's faults and attachments.


Let us seek vision instead of delusion with surface things and keep from untimely, unwise acts.

For to You belongs the open heart and mind, the life that can act and do

And the Revelation that beautifies all from age to age.


In ONE Light, Love and Spirit, I am now true.

So be it.  So it is. Peace.


Copyright Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

Excerpt from Mary's book "Tefnut's Techniques: Empowering Sacredness -

Wisdom For Everyday Living"

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