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*Egyptian Cat Beings Oracle

*Cat Beings Archetypes 

*Guides, Guardian Angels/Beings

*Astrology, Tarot

*Psychic Intuition

*Halls of Records

*Invocation, Initiation & 

Deeper Connection

with the new incoming

Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine Archetypes


High Priestess


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Stairway to Heaven Lotus House 2012 - 2_

Mary gives fast paced readings focusing on creative, empowering solutions to lifeʼs challenges. Mary, with your permission, uses astrology, tarot and/or psychic intuition receiving information from your guides, guardian angels, halls of records and inner Truth Center to access information for your highest good. Consult her for questions on timing, relocation, health, career, finance, personal growth and relationships.


In partnership with the Cat Beings, Mary continues to provide a variety of consultations working with clients by phone, Skype, e-mail or in person at the Hat'hor Spirit Temple.  Sessions may be audio recorded upon request mailed or e-mailed to you after receipt of payment is verified.  Payment may be done via PayPal, credit card via PayPal, check or money order in US funds.  


Through the use of Astrology (Karmic, Galactic and/or Mundane), Astronomy, Astro-Locality and Astro-Cartography Mary, along with the Cat Beings, offers the client a deeper commitment and greater understanding of the Soul Heart, Spirit Work and Destiny choices available to them.  All is free will.  In knowing what options are available and the timing of the opening and closing of these opportunities, decisions may be made with more confidence, wisdom and empowerment.  In these rapidly changing times, this information is a great asset.


Mary and the Cat Beings offer many tools, techniques and exercises - that when utilized - enhance the efficacy, outcome and expansion of timing opportunities made available to the client via their birth chart.  When put into practice these tools, techniques and exercises quickly bear fruit.  These are shared with clients, as needed, during sessions.

For greatest accuracy in timing, the acquisition of the birth time, birth date and birth place of the person or persons in question is best.  Mary and the Cat Beings are available BY APPOINTMENT ONLY, with prepayment required. 

*****Those desiring and ready are offered invocation, initiation and deeper connection with the new incoming Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine Archetypes.   See Balanced Reciprocity Intensives and Hat'hor Spirit Temple Retreats for more information.


You may phone or e-mail to schedule one or more sessions. 


1721 Benson Rd, #203, Point Roberts, WA 98281-9314


Cell: (360)201-2501.       When texting or phoning please keep in mind Mary is on Pacifc Time!    Thank you!


CONSULTATION FEE ONLY - Fee: $3.00 per minute with a 30 minute minimum  (1/2 hr = $90, 1 hr = $180) 


*****Invocations, initiations and deeper connection with the new incoming Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine costs are individually negotiated.  Mentorships are also available.  See Balanced Reciprocity Intensives and Hat'hor Spirit Temple Retreats for more information.


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