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Meet the Cat Beings - Excerpts from Awakening the Cat: Gateway to Ancient Egyptian Wisdom & Intiation by Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

"I, the Sphinx, was formed some 14,000 years ago as a beacon, a portal, a marker, a map and a prophecy in stone." "For those willing to seek Me out deep in their Soul Heart, I, the Sphinx, share freely the knowledge of magic and the secrets of time and space.""My return at this time is to collect those dedicated to my mystery, magic and wisdom from days long past."



Aker - Spotted Lion


"I, Tefnut, am seen as the golden one, the giant yellow cat with eyes of gold and nose of lapis blue.  I sparkle and glow as the noonday sun.  Vivid and intense in my sharing of Wisdom, Truth and Timing I put forth the complete Jewel of Truth hiding nothing.  I reflect clearly what is so in its totality.""I, Tefnut, return now seeking those with eyes to see and ears to hear the Truth.  We, Tefnuts, are here now to assist in the way showing, offering guidance in the areas of Wisdom, Truth and Timing. We are here now - as We were in the ancient Age of Leo - to insure the safety and security of all types of knowledge, wisdom and truth from a variety of sources around the world. Those of you with an affinity for Truth may become part of the Wisdom Teaching Group here now to assist the Human Kingdom in grasping the concepts of wisdom, truth and timing in ways that enhance being on the Earth in physical, mental, emotional and spiritual ways.  Have you the courage of conviction to partner with Us, the Tefnuts?" Also an aspect of Ma'at, who wears the feather of Truth upon her head and Aker, the Spotted Lion, guardian of the doorway between all times, spaces and dimensions and between yesterday and tomorrow.


"I, Sekhmet, appear fearsome as the huge black panther or jaguar with deep amber eyes.  Though I wear the solar disc upon my brow - and many times the ureaus serpent - I represent the deep dark hidden mysteries of the heart and soul of the Human Kingdom and so I appear all in black." 

"I, Sekhmet, return now seeking those willing and able to let go their fears becoming partners with Me, to transform and transmute fear energies that empower war, destruction, famine, plague and death so it is unnecessary for them to manifest again upon the Earth. I seek those with the conviction to heal the fear and open to love to heed my call to service and may the hidden - the shadow - be our friend."

Bes - The Lion Man

"I, Bes - as male partner to Sekhmet - act as protector, provider, guardian at all portals.  I create and hold a safe space for you to go through your metamorphosis from death to rebirth with Sekhmets as you shape and reshape yourself on the human potter's wheel.""I, Bes, have returned now as the golden striped tiger god from ancient Egypt.  I call upon those who envision themselves as protectors of old, knights in shining armor whose valor, strengths and fortitude is unrivaled, to join Me on this quest for a new vision of Perfection for all Kingdoms of the Earth and Cosmos.  Long We have protected the weak from the tyrant. And so We return again in this place and time to do so again.  May free will reign.  And may We empower All."

"Welcome to the nature of duality - the secrets of the inner sanctum and the ceremonies of the outer courtyard.  I, Seshata, am a Cat Being that has two faces, better known as the Lesser and Greater Seshatas.  As the inspiration for writing, recording information and recitation of teaching stories, I am Seshata the Lesser wearing my black and gold spotted leopard skin."

"As Seshata the Greater my appearance is as a woman with a seven pointed star above my head surrounded by the vulva pointing earthward - signaling I am star born rather than earth born - wearing the brilliant white spotted skin of the Snow Leopard."

"My return at this time is to call upon those with courage to come forth demonstrating their ability to see the multitudes of options, possibilities and choices available now."



"In my more planetary aspect of Ptah, I appear as the Blue Buddha - who shapes and reshapes the world on the potter's wheel.  In the guise of the shape shifter, I come as the white tiger - fierce, powerful and unstoppable"

"I, Ptah, summon the power and energies of all the elements and those members of the Human Kingdom prepared to act as catalysts for change to come forth now as We prepare for the next level of shifts upon and within the Earth."


"I, Hat'hor, invite you to sing, dance and make music and love all in praise of me."

"I, Hat'hor, seek to rekindle the joy, passion and pleasure of life and love."

"Seen as a bit promiscuous by some, I, Hat'hor, am touted as wench, harlot, tease and lover.  My sexuality and sensuality is a part of my passion for life"

"When I express the energies of the True Virgin (free woman), Consort, Wife and Mother, I am seen as Isis.  I spread my wings of protection around all my devotees."


Osiris, Ma'au

"I roar with the passion of the Sun god.  I warm you with my heat, my intensity and my passion."

"I seek to rekindle my relationship with those who align with the power and heat of the noonday sun.  Together We shall shine the light of a new day upon the birthing of a new myth, a new story and new archetypal teachers, giving birth to the coming Age of Aquarius."

Bast, Bast'et

"I, Bast'et, am the domesticated cat.  Instead of eating raw flesh, I relish a saucer of milk.  I nurture, heal and protect the territory, living quarters and members of my chosen family pride."

"I am part of the great collective, a member of all the Kingdoms of the Cosmos, with a great affinity for the Human Kingdom."

"I, Bast'et, am here to reconnect the Human Kingdom with the joys and pleasures of everyday life.  I seek to reinstate my honored role as weaver of family and community for the masses."


"Once again, I, Kitty am making a come back as the most popular household pet in the world.  Even my ancient species of Egyptian Temple Cat has returned to popularity as an accepted breed among cat lovers globally."

"I return now to reinstate the ancient wisdom of the Cat Beings of days gone by."

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