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Egyptian Cat Being


in her healing pose

Photo by

Mary Elizabeth Hoffman


Ancestral Prayer for Clearing

(Brief Form)


Divine Creator: Father, Mother, Son as One:


I,       (your full name)      , my families, relatives and ancestors, wish to do Ho'O Pono Pono with (name of person or difficulty) ; his/her families, relatives and ancestors.


Sever, cut and release all the fear producing, unwanted memories, blocks and energies we have created and/or accumulated from the beginning to the present concerning all people, places, situations, circumstances and periods of time that contribute to the cause of the difficulty.


Transmute these unwanted energies into pure nourishing energy for everyone.


Let me see what I have chosen to learn from this experience.


(Take time to let yourslef receive this information through images, thought forms, feelings and messages now or in meditation or in your dream time.)


Close with saying 'It is good.  It is done. So be it.  So it is. AMEN.'


This is a most powerful prayer when spoken aloud.  It may also be written as an affirmation.  Pronounced with all long O's.  It is Hawaiian in its origin.



This is an excerpt from Sekhmet's Teachings: Changing Cords of Fear Into Chords of Love by Mary Elizabeth Hoffman.

All photos by

Mary Elizabeth Hoffman.  

Copyrights reserved.

None may be used without

her express written consent.

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