Special Messages



October 11, 2020 


"The Kingdoms of the Cosmos are gathering etherically - Devic, Imaginal, Elemental, Angelic, Integral and Creator with some members of the Human invited, as well. Another set of decisions as to these Kingdom's next level of involvement here assisting with this pivotal cosmic shift in this time space continuum is in the the making as Mercury retrograde in Scorpio approaches.

The other 6 Kingdoms are assessing the Human Kingdom's voluntary conscious involvement, and fulfillment of commitments as active energy conduits of this Cosmic Law Balanced Reciprocity energy amplifying, coming online more fully during 2021.

Much is dying requiring a sweeping away of the old making way for the new.

Actions shall begin being set in motion more fully by the other 6 Kingdoms and those members of the Human Kingdom opting to participate in being conduits for the Balanced Reciprocity energies

coming in unfiltered, unaltered, with full force (no longer being 'stepped down' voltage wise) by the beginning of the Mercury retrograde in Scorpio, October 14, 2020. Should the Cosmic Perfected Vision be acted upon by members of the Human Kingdom by the first week of November - though there shall continue to be challenges - they shall be lessened with assistance, guidance, focus, direction and support from all Kingdoms.

For those members of the Human Kingdom who opt to forgo their commitments and responsibilities within Divine Creation, chaos shall become more amplified, exponentially.

The prayer We Cat Beings have is one of unconditional love and free will choice, that the Human Kingdom choose to align with the Balanced Reciprocal incoming universal energies in unconditional love, joining the Cosmic Family of Light, Life and Love. Time to take the Cosmic leap of faith trusting the Soul Heart guidance of the Inner Truth Center in each."


In Light, Love, Wisdom, Truth and Timing,

The Cat Beings through Mary Elizabeth Hoffman


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