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~ S-he Is Made Not Just of Light But Also of Fire And Brimstone ~
The real man/woman you seek is not made only of light and everything nice. He/She is also made of darkness--the very darkness wherein all life begins to form and the very darkness which we must all transform in order to ascend into the light.
But the reality of it is very FEW of us rise without a fight--that's just the way it is on a planet full of people who would have you walk away from everything you love to do their bidding. Recognize it. Accept it, and LIVE YOUR LIFE to the fullest regardless.
There are many who never want to see you shine. They don't like it when you FLY. Okay, maybe just a few feet off the ground but don't YOU dare fly higher than ME!
They want you to remain beside them in the shadows. But is that really what any of us want? Do any of us want to NOT grow?
And, oftentimes, if you cross him/her, a real man/woman is also made of fire and brimstone. FIRE, that you never have to experience it if you treat him/her right. As well he/she should be made of fire too for we still live on a planet where the divine masculine-divine feminine energies in many of us are not yet completely balanced. And anyone who feels superior will always abuse their power over those he-she sees as inferior to them.
Be not afraid of his/her many aspects for each one is encoded with a divinity beyond our wildest imagination. And as you learn to love him/her through and through will you also learn to love yourself and vice versa for all of us are so much more than what our five senses tell us; there is a greater love story always unfolding--let go and TRUST it.
If you're afraid of his/her fire (you may also fear your own) and often expect him/her to 'tone it down'.  There may come a day when you find yourself missing the very fire you sent away.~Jhenya Lovering modified by Mary Elizabeth Hoffman to empower both the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine in all 
of us.





Ice & Fire by Stive Morgan

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